Monday, February 25, 2008

In Him My Heart Trusts!

Today, the feast of our patroness St. Walburga, was a day of special joy as our Sister Maria -Benedicta made her Solemn Profession. In making solemn profession, Sr. Maria-Benedicta “freely chooses to belong to Christ in undivided love. She will live this undivided love out visibly by the vows of stability, fidelity to the monastic way of life, and obedience…” (quote from Mother Maria-Michael Newe).

In the rite of Solemn Profession, held during Mass, sister was presented with a ring, the cuculla (choir robe), a double veil, a wreath of flowers, and the Divine Office. Each of these are a sign that she is eternally vowed to God, that she no longer belongs to herself, but to Christ, and that she will serve the Church in singing the praises of God every day. Mother Maria-Michael told the community this morning “Our vocations should ever be a joy and an honor for each one of us. We are brides of Christ. May we be reminded each day that our way of life is to be different from that of the world.”

Sr. Maria-Benedicta chose as her motto for this great event “In Him my heart trusts.” (Ps 28:7) This is the prayer that summarizes her journey with God up to this point and will carry her through until she meets Him face to face.

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