Monday, February 18, 2008

Love Your Enemies

A reflection on the Gospel reading for Saturday (Mt 5:43-48), February 16, 2008 by Mother Maria- Michael Newe, OSB.

The Gospel today says, "love your enemies." And I was thinking "Who really is our enemy?" So often our "enemy" is the person who stands in our way, who gets something we think we need, or who is in a position we want. But in reality, our only enemy is whatever keeps us from God, and in that way, we are our own worst enemy.

But God asks us to go deeper, to love the way He loves, with our will rather than our hearts (feelings). I found it so comforting that in the diary of Sr. Faustina, there's a sister that she just does not like, and Christ chides her a little for that. I read that and I thought, "Well she got to be a Saint, maybe there's hope for us lowly ones!" Our neighbors can be like sandpaper to us. But instead of getting upset, learn to see it as a challenge to grown.

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