Saturday, August 16, 2008

Humility: Rejoicing in God's Gifts

A reflection for the Gospel reading for Wednesday, August 13 (Mt 18:15-20) by Mother Maria-Michael Newe, OSB.

The only way we really can live is to recognize our own sinfulness and that's what it talks about in the Gospel. I had to laugh as I thought: "If one person tells you something you should listen, but if three do you should really listen!" The only way to lead is to know and to be open to our own weaknesses that we may have compassion and insight for others. If we do not ever know our own wretchedness how will we ever know God's greatness? And I think that's what humility holds for us: as we go lower, and become more open our own wretchedness, we discover the miracle that we are where we are-- that we haven't done worse! I think there's great rejoicing when we see our wretchedness and know that only by God's grace are we not worse. I started thinking about that and I thought "What a wonderful way to begin a day to know we're on our way to God, to heaven, to everlasting life!"

And that is only God's gift. Everything is God's gift. If we could take that and rejoice in the miracles that just get us through the day, we would appreciate more the gift that recognizes God in our life. If we can simply live each day that way there's actually no reason for sorrow, there's no reason to let pride get a hold of us. If we can simply grow in that way, our joy will know no bounds.

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