Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sin and Forgiveness

A reflection by Mother Maria-Michael Newe, OSB.

We often don't see illnesses of the soul we just see the living out of the illness. To see where our actions are coming from takes a lot of prayer and humility. Pride gives us the sense that "I have a right to be this way." And it's like most things, the people who most the the doctor are the most unwilling to go. It's necessary to care for both body and soul and to recognize those things which drag us down, to work on them, and to use what the Church gives us. And one of those things is the sacrament of reconciliation. Are we so sure when we say we don't need it? Is there not something that may need healing?

We don't always know the full extent of our actions: the things we say to one another, how we treat one another. If you see anything that says that you may have hurt a person, pray about it. You don't know what they're carrying in their life.

Our Lord tells us to forgive-- what a great heart it takes to forgive. But when we are asked to forgive, forgive readily. I know it takes work to forgive, but I have to remember that someone is probably working just as hard to forgive me something too. Forgive and let the healing ointment of love and charity pour out on all those who are not only far away from us, but also sitting right next to us.

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