Saturday, October 11, 2008

Gratitude-- The Path to Holiness

A reflection by Mother Maria-Michael Newe, OSB.

There’s a magazine that described the children of today as “the age of entitlement.” They have been given so much, they feel they are entitled to it. We too have been given so much in life.
But we need to make sure that we are never in the spirit of entitlement.

I have to stop and look at that myself. I have a room to go to, I have running water, I get a shower every night, I have a toothbrush. We have the Eucharist every morning. What more could God give us to desire holiness? What more could He do for us? He’s died for us. Are we willing to die to the little things in us each day? Is it too much to be the 'Good Samaritan' to one another? Is it too much to carry one another with love? I say this to myself.

Can we stand before God and say “thank you for every gift. I recognize it every morning and I give you glory for all that you have done.” I think we need to really strive for holiness in this way. We need to be ever grateful. Gratitude is the heart of prayer, and if it’s in our hearts, we will react with gratitude. It won’t be one of entitlement: I deserve the way in which you treat me; I deserve a good dinner; I deserve what I like. Well, actually, God deserves our everything. He comes first. If we truly prefer nothing to the love of Christ, He will have the center of everything we give.

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