Saturday, October 4, 2008

On How to View Authority

We hear in Matthew 23:3, Jesus saying : "Do whatever they tell you, but do not follow what they do" It is asif he said, the words they say are mine, but their deeds are their own. Therefore not to bobey because you think, "Well, they don't seem very Godly people," is not what God expects of us. Do what they say, but don't necessarily follow the example-- the example is their own. We are responsible for how we act. Everybody is. But when there is authentic authority, you can trust God's word in them. I think that is one of the most comforting things we can be told-- obedience truly carries the stamp of God. We aren't responsible for anything else but to follow the words.

One who is truly listening to God-- and that pertains to every single one-- will hear the comfort and the challenge. God will always challenge us by His word. He'll comfort us by His word as well.

It says in Luke 9:1: "Jesus summoned the twelve and gave them power and authority over all demons and to cure diseases and He sent them to proclaim God and to heal the sick." He took imperfect men, who were still bickering, but even with the imperfect He showed Himself to be the source of everything. They didn't heal, it was God's power in them that healed. The same is with authority-- it is God's power in them, not their own worth. So in that way whatever you hear, take it to heart, because it is God saying, "I love you, and I will change you."

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