Saturday, January 31, 2009

God's Garden

A reflection by Mother Maria-Michael Newe, OSB.

I was thinking today about when we were farming in Boulder* and it seemed like the land grew stones. Every spring we had to go out and collect stones. If you didn’t, you did not get the harvest you planted. If you planted barley and there were a lot of stones, not only did it mess the machinery up, you just didn’t get the harvest. You would plant but the seeds would fall on the stones and not grow.

We needed the seasons to help bring the stones up so we could see them. As we all know, in the winter the land freezes and compresses the stone and then pushes it up so that you can see it to pick it up. That's why the earth seemed to give birth to these stones.

So too for us, we need the dry seasons in our life to push the stones up so that we can see them and gather them in order to have a rich harvest for the Lord.

I was reflecting today on how in the Mass first the Word is tossed to us in abundance like seed. And every good farmer knows that the best thing to do after you plant is to water. What happens immediately after we receive the Word? The Eucharist waters that Word so that it grows and flourishes. We are so blessed and it’s so good that we have such a good Gardener—the Father.

*The Abbey of St. Walburga used to be located in Boulder, Colorado.

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