Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Don't Try to Be God

A reflection by Mother Maria-Michael Newe, OSB.
Sometimes in life, things happen that make us ask the question: “How can that be?” And when we try to take control of it, we can hear God asking us, “Do you trust me? Will you ask me to take care of it and then believe it will be taken care of?” I think we need truly to trust that God can handle our worries, that we don’t need to get our finger in every pie and try to take care of it ourselves. I love the saying Sr. Genevieve often uses: “I’m not God, I only work for Him.” We all need to remember that! We aren’t God and we shouldn’t try to be—it’s beyond our scope and abilities. If you want to stay nervous try and play God’s role. If you want to be calm then give it to God, He can handle it!
Last week we sung a responsory in matins that is just perfect to meditate on:

He who knows what good things to give to His children exhorts us to ask, to seek, and to knock. The more truly we believe, the more strongly we hope, and the more ardently we desire, the more generously we will receive. In our condition we will receive more by sighs than by speech, more by tears than by words.
Why is this true? Because it’s the heart that cries out. Nothing is greater than the desire of our hearts.
So what do you really desire? Ask and you shall receive… when it is for your very good. And if God says ‘no’ then it is for your very good. He can only say ‘no’ to those who really love Him. He can only guide you when you want to be guided. If you want to be guided, throw yourselves wholly into His service. Keep nothing back. For what keeps you back ties you down. You’re only free when you can freely do God’s will. His will is life.

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