Saturday, October 10, 2009

Childlike Trust

A reflection by Mother Maria-Michael Newe, OSB.

On October 3rd, we celebrated the feast of Blessed Columbia Marmion.* What strikes me most about him is that in every situation he was in, (and we know that the latter part of his life was very difficult as he was having to move his monks during World War I), he never once doubted that Christ was in the midst leading him. Isn’t that what we’re hearing constantly in the Gospels—that childlike trust in God? I was thinking about that clarity of children. I remember my sisters would tell me that they had to be very careful about what they said around their children because the kids got it quick, they knew exactly what was going on. I think that was because their hearts weren’t cluttered with themselves. They had a perception that was clear and pure because they weren’t so cluttered with their own opinions, nor with all the worries. Worries sometimes clutter our perception. But Jesus says, “Come to me all you who labor and are burdened and I will give you rest. Give me those worries, I’ll carry them. Keep your perception clear by letting me be God for you. You don’t need to be God. I’ll be God.” I think those are really the best ingredients for a holy life. Let God be God and we’ll be the children; and we’ll simply follow His lead.

*Blessed Columbia Marmion (1858-1923) was a Benedictine Abbot in Belgium and became noted for his spiritual direction, writings, and retreats.

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