Sunday, August 29, 2010

God is Faithful

A reflection given to the nuns of the Abbey of St. Walburga on the monastic life by Mother Maria-Michael Newe, OSB.

What I keep thinking about is God’s faithfulness. Sometimes with the construction going on around us, we find it difficult, we can get worn out with all the noise all the happenings going on, and it disrupts our life and takes a little bit of energy out of us. Even then we can think of God’s fidelity. When we are tired and things aren’t going quite right, or maybe we even feel like we aren’t praying like we should or we aren’t living as faithful as we used to when things were nice and quiet, what can spur us on is that God delights more in our desire to love Him, our desire to be faithful, our desire to pursue Him, our desire to sing to Him when we’re struggling with it. What is it when all is going well? What is it to do everything well when everything is going our way? I think it gives more glory to God when we simply get up every morning and do it again; when we strive to serve Him and strive to serve one another.

I think St. Benedict also would want us to strive to do things together, for one another. St. Benedict says in the Rule that one shouldn’t take another under their wing and protect them, because it causes discomfort in the community. We should really trust that God and the Holy Spirit are our protector. We should instead lift up and encourage others to live the life fully, with all its stretches, all its tensions, all the things we struggle with. They’re good for us. There’s a saying that goes: if it doesn’t kill you it’ll make you stronger. Not only that, it’ll strengthen our love. Love is what needs to be strengthened. Love is the only thing that makes us do this—love for Christ Jesus. We have to prefer Him to everything else, even our own opinions our own personal way of doing things. We have to love one another.

We send a message of love and peace when we don’t look for our own pleasure, but somebody else’s. That’s true charity. Be aware of one another. Be aware of their needs. Be aware of what it means to really care. Let’s join together and pray for the good of one another and purposefully love one another.

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