Friday, November 12, 2010

In Heaven I am Espoused to Him

On November 1, 2010, the Feast of All Saints, two of our sisters gave their entire lives to Christ in Solemn Profession. Placing their hands in the hands of their abbess, Mother Maria Michael, Sr. Immaculata and Sr. Maria-Josepha, joyfully pronounced their solemn vows to Almighty God before Archbishop Charles Chaput and an assembly of about 100 people. During the ceremony, they received the insignia of a bride of Christ: the cuculla (choir robe of the monastery), double veil, ring, and wreathe. May their hearts always overflow with the Love of Christ and may He keep them undefiled in His love! The following is an excerpt from an exhortation given by Mother Maria- Michael to the two sisters the night before their solemn profession.

In one of the last songs that you will sing tomorrow, you will say: “What I longed for, now I see, what I hoped for I now possess, in heaven I am espoused to Him whom on earth I loved with all my heart.” That is your call. Love Him with your whole heart and nothing less, each day of your life; because that’s what it takes to be faithful. That’s what it takes to be married. You must keep Him before you always, in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, in riches and in poverty. This community will embrace you; you, in turn, embrace this community as the Body of Christ. We will serve one another mindfully. We who are finally professed know that we have to struggle once and a while and yet we delight in this life. It’s our real deepest joy, or we wouldn’t be here. And so we extend that love to you. Tomorrow you will be firmly planted in stability in this community, and we will love and honor you as members of this community. We share in the holiness of one another. We share tomorrow in your gift. Keep us in mind and we in turn will pray for you with joy. So as you take this step, we take it with you. You’re not alone in this. And Christ awaits you.

Top picture: Sr. Immaculata and Sr. Maria-Josepha, after receiving the ring and wreathe, sing, "He has espoused me with His ring and like a bride adorned me with a crown."

Botom picture: Sr. Immaculata, Mother Maria-Michael and Sr. Maria-Josepha seen wearing their double veils and cucullas.

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