Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Graces of a New Year

A reflection by Mother Maria-Michael Newe, OSB.

The New Year is a time to see where we have grown in life and where we can grow in life; and we shouldn’t take it lightly. We only have so much time in life and we don’t know when our day will come. When it’s our time we can’t say, “Wait a minute I have to finish a few things.” We should take care each day.

In the monastery, at noon time we have a little bit of time to reflect on the morning and in the also evening we have a little time to reflect on the afternoon before we go to bed. In that way if we’re very truthful, we can really asses our lives and grow. We don’t become holy in one moment,( unless we’re martyred!) Our life is a continual dying and rising; and the fruits of our life will give evidence of how that’s happening. It takes many days of a continual turning. We have to continue turning towards God and to desire virtue in our life.

Perhaps it would be good for you to ask yourself, “What virtue do I need to work on this year?” Take it seriously and hold onto it, asking yourself how you can live out the virtue. In that way you can be sure that you will grow.

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