Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fruitful Living

There is a verse in the Gospels that says, “For the harvest has come.” We have to bear fruit in our lives. None of us knows exactly what that fruit is and different fruits come – they ripen – at different times. When shall it be ready? We pray that when He comes it is ripe and beautiful because He awaits it just as much as we do.

I know what it was like when we planted fields in Boulder and we looked for the fruits. My goodness! We looked! I remember digging up corn seed to make sure it had been planted and was at least growing – and somebody saying to me, “would you quit digging it up?” I was so anxious to see it. I was so anxious to see the alfalfa bloom and to see the bees working with it. And then we had the garden – I was so anxious to see the fruit. Each of crops came at a little bit different time.

I think we have to be aware that Christ will come to each of us personally. People are so concerned now about the Second Coming, in the sense they are kind of preoccupied with it. It’s good to look for that, but also keep in mind the Second Coming has a lot to do with our own death. Everybody is going to experience a second coming. He has come to us in Baptism and the Eucharist ; and he’s going to come again. Let us be always attentive for we do not know the day or the hour. Let us be ready at all times. It does not matter if we are young or old. God never said when He would come. But we do have to be attentive together.

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