Friday, July 13, 2012

Living Under the Rule of St. Benedict

A reflection give by Mother Maria- Michael, OSB to the community of nuns for the feast of St. Benedict.
I think that today our world needs Benedictines.  One of the things that the Benedictines have to give to the world is a listening heart.  We all listen with our minds, we listen to music, and we can go anywhere and get all the information we want, but we need  to stop and listen with our heart.  This is a Benedictine way of prayer and of being.  I was also thinking of how important for us to be holy;  how important it is for us to give evidence of the power of God to raise us to higher levels of living by following the Rule of St. Benedict.   The Rule gives dignity to each one who lives by it and to life itself.  Benedictines bring the world back to the relationship God originally wanted with humanity in Eden.  In Eden, man work and he prayed, and God came and conversed with man in the cool of the afternoon.  We too should wait for God to come to speak with us with listening hearts. 
But that will only happen through perseverance and stability and being obedient to the life we are to live under the Rule.  In today’s world the common outlook is one of: “been there, done that.”  The life of a Benedictine, however, contains a multitude of experiences of God in everyday living.  We have to give evidence that God is living with us.  We need to love life.  Benedict loved life, and I believe it was St. Scholastica who taught him to do that!
Strive to live the life well.  We have a vow of conversion, we’ve made a vow to ever return to our God.  Do not allow yourself to think, “Well I blew it today, why bother.”   Get up in the morning with the thought that it may be your last day.  Live it well.  Do not give into yourself.  Love the community enough to give the whole of yourself.  Love it enough, to love it in good times and in bad.  There is suffering of the heart.  We all carry burdens that nobody else is going to know about—but God does.  Do you love God enough?  That has to grow, because He loves us above and beyond everything we could hope for.  He does everything for us.  He is faithful to us.  Let us be faithful to Him.