Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cardinal Arinze Visits the Abbey

Cardinal Arinze preaching the homily at Mass.
On September 22, our community was privileged by a visit with Cardinal Arinze.  Arinze graciously spent part of the morning with us as he finished up his journey to Colorado.  The visit, quite appropriately, began with the celebration of Holy Mass.  We celebrated a votive Mass of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which inspired Cardinal Arinze to reflect on devotion to the Blessed Mother in his homily.  He spoke of the necessity of every Christian to have a devotion to Mary as this devotion, “is founded on the solid rock of divine revelation.”  One cannot read the Gospels and not see the significance of Mary, he said, and he went on to demonstrate how she was present at all the major events of our salvation history: from the Annunciation to the Nativity (“when Mary presents Christ to the world”), to the Crucifixion. 
At the end of his homily, Cardinal Arinze turned to our community with the words, “The Church has entrusted to you some of her greatest needs,” and encouraged us to continue to serve the Church by our prayers and sacrifices.
Cardinal Arinze speaking with Mother Maria Michael at breakfast.
After Mass, we welcomed Cardinal Arinze into our refectory to have a light breakfast with us.  He delightfully spoke to us about his current duties for the Church.   He also informed us of several current events in the Church which he entrusted to our prayers.  Before leaving, he handed to Mother Maria Michael a rosary blessed by the Holy Father expressing his wish to have one for each one of us.  It was a true joy to have him at our Abbey!