Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Celebrating Contemplative Life

We have a feast day today not only for the Blessed Mother but for us as well as today the Church celebrates the consecrated contemplative life in a special way.  Nowadays, you hear a lot of people say that they want the contemplative life but out in the world.  But the contemplative life requires a giving up of the world.  Part of living the contemplative life requires that no one, but God alone will see your good works.  Who do we work for?  Who is the one that all our actions point towards?  Who are we serving in the end?  And are we serving to be seen or are we serving simply to give?  In Cathedrals no one sees the tops of the pillars that uphold the roofs of these huge Churches.  No one sees the beautiful work that was done on those heights.  Though a person may have spent their lifetime embellishing those pillars which no one will see, nothing was lost.  Why?  Because they believed their work was totally dedicated to God.  They didn’t need anyone other than God to see it because of their faith.  We have to ask ourselves how much we live out that kind of faith.   How much do we put ourselves into works that nobody will see?  As monastics, if we remember the faith we are to have, then everything we do, we will do well, suitable for a king. 

The movement for the new evangelization stresses that it must take root and heart in the pillars of the Church: the religious, the bishops, the cardinals, the priests.  The new evangelization has to begin with us.  If we don’t believe, who will?  And if we don’t put flesh on our belief, what will it mean?  We put flesh on our faith when we do everything for the King.  In that way, we serve the Church far more nobly than we would in any work that would be seen by the world. 

A reflection by Mother Maria Michael Newe, OSB.