Mother Maria- Michael

Most of the posts on this blog are transcriptions of reflections given by Mother Maria- Michael to her community of nuns.  Mother Maria Michael is the Abbess (or superior) of the community of nuns at the Abbey of St. Walburga.  Almost every day of the week, when the nuns gather for their breakfast, Mother Maria- Michael encourages the sisters to a life of holiness by giving them a spiritual reflection.  Her reflections are largely based on the Mass readings for the day which the sisters would have heard only an hour earlier during the celebration of the Eucharist (Mass).  Mother's reflections may also be inspired different topics though: the liturgical feast celebrated that day (such as the feast of a saint), current events that the sisters are asked to keep in prayer, or the general needs of the community at a given time.  The sisters record Mother Maria- Michael's reflections and pick out some to transcribe and share with the world.

About Mother Maria-Michael...

Mother Maria-Michael, was born in Norwalk, California, and was blessed with a twin sister, Terri. They were raised in Whittier, Calif., along with two older sisters, two younger sisters and a brother. At the age of 17 she entered the Convent of St. Walburga, Boulder, Colorado, on October 7, 1976. Sr. Kerri (Mother's baptismal name) made first profession on October 7, 1978 taking the name Sr. Maria-Michael. Her main task was being an apprentice to Sr. Angela on the farm and eventually, after making solemn vows on September 8, 1983, becoming farm manager, along with various other duties. Already as a young girl she had enjoyed singing with her sisters at home and was a member of a school choir. Divine Providence was certainly at work as the singing of the Divine Office became a central part of her life, a source of great joy, and continues to be very dear to her heart.
After the "great move" from Boulder, to Virginia Dale, Colorado, she was asked to take on the task of prioress in June of 1999, She continued to manage the farm as it took on the flavor of 'ranching' rather than "farming".
May 17, 2003, Mother Maria Thomas Beil, OSB, announced her retirement, leaving Sr. Maria-Michael with the task of Administrator until the election of a new abbess. The election held on July 17, 2003 and presided over by the Most Rev. Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M.Cap., Archbishop of Denver resulted in her being elected as the second Abbess of Abbey of St. Walburga. Preparations were set underway for her installation on September 6 and the celebration of her Silver Jubilee to follow two days later on September 8. Due to a knee injury that resulted in surgery the Most Rev. Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M.Cap. was unable to preside over the blessing and installation ceremonies. The Most Rev. Daniel Kucera, O.S.B., retired Archbishop of Dubuque, presided. Mother Maria-Michael took for her motto, "In Manus Tuas Domine" (Into your hands, O Lord)– an expression of faith and abandonment into God's hands. She has served the community as abbess with a firm, yet loving hand. She is known among her sisters, and all who know her, for her joy, deep love for Christ, and her insight into the human heart.